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About us

VINARIA is situated in the TÂRNAVE Vineyard, the most representative vineyard from the transylvanian wine-growing area. The fame of this wine-growing area has it's roots in ancient times, when it was known as "Wine country", as it can be seens in a map drown by Ioan Honterus in 1532, and Mediaş, situated on the river Târnava Mare, near to the center of Romania was called the captial of "Wine country".

The wines from VINARIA COLLECTION which addresses the consumers, wherever they may be from, propose and provoke them to discover the pleasure and the joy of fulfilling the most exquisite tastes, whether it is about white, flavoured or red wines in complete range of dry, demidry and sweet, young wines or with well formed bottle bouquet.

VINARIA is a renouned name in the circles of liquor producers as one who produces white and red wines in the wide range presented but also liquor based on wine and flavoured plants extracts - appetiser - conceived and produced from self owned recipes - from which the BITTER SIBIU and Floris SIBIU products have gained a distinct place on the market and the approval of the consumers, whether it is about young or older people, man or woman.

The guarantee of the VINARIA products succes is dued to the implementation of quality control systems, keeping the original recipes and the permanent dedication of the VINARIA team to the needs of the consumers.